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BotVoice2 - Version 2.6.3

posted on 2006-06-26 20:07:11
by Al3c Tr3v3lyan


New radio menu that uses the bot voices to help teams communicate better


1. Install Mattie's EventScripts plugin (v1.5.x or higher): 2. Extract the zip into your cstrike directory or from the console type es_install botvoice2 3. Add the following line somewhere in autoexec.cfg: es_load botvoice2

Version Notes For 2.6.3

Updated on: 2008-06-14 23:51:04 EST by Al3c Tr3v3lyan (View Zip Contents)
2.6.3 - Fixed displaying the placename when botvoice_placenames is set to 1. Added getplacename script to the zip file.

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