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Adrenaline - Version 1.2b

posted on 2008-02-25 13:38:22
by HKRChief



When a player scores 2 kills within 5 seconds (by default), he gets an increase to his health and armor and gets a temporary increase in speed. This is refered to as the "first stage" adrenaline rush. If he gets a third kill within that same 5 seconds, he receives additional health and armor on top of that gained from the first two kills and the "Adrenaline Rush" lasts longer. This is referred to as "second stage." Additionally, when first stage adrenaline level is acheived, the player's screen will tint slightly red, and for a second stage rush, the tint is more apparent. And finally, the player will receive notification on his screen that he has acheived an Adrenaline Rush. I Originally intended this for use with a Zombie Horde server, but decided to modify it to support any CSS game. Adrenaline can only be acheived by killing members of opposing team. Bots cannot attain Adrenaline. I added comments throughout the code to help understand how it works.


1. Unzip the file to your server's cstrike directory. 2. Add the following line to your autoexec.cfg file: es_load adrenaline 3. Ensure your autoexec.cfg also has es_load popup early in the file. 4. Restart your server, or run "es_load adrenaline". In game, type !rush to bring up the menu.

Version Notes For 1.2b

Updated on: 2008-03-25 14:28:20 EST by HKRChief (View Zip Contents)
Minor bug fixes: Fixed problem with properly loading keygroupfile at server start. Now it should work every time. Fixed problem with the jump function. Now jumps when under adrenaline will work properly. Moved the keygroup file (es_a_config.txt) to the adrenaline script directory so both files are in one location. To install this version over an oler version, simply extract the zip file to the server's cstrike directory and restart the server (or run es_load adrenaline).

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