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TeamLead /Quake Sounds/ [v2.1] ScreenShot

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TeamLead /Quake Sounds/ [v2.1] - Version v2.1

posted on 2009-03-13 21:23:54
Led by Ratzee
Collaborators: pitbull0993


Announces: [list] [*] Which team is leading [*] Lead streak [*] Which team won the match [*] If the team score is 0: - Winner team: Flawless Victory - Loser team: Humiliating Defeat [*] Selectable sounds, announces [*] Which team scores [/list] Menu: !teamlead !! You have to dowload SuperDaves ExntendedEevents addon: !! Have fun :)


Extract the files to the right places. Add this lines to your autoexec.cfg: - es_load teamlead - es_load extendedevents - extendedevents_load player_flag And restart your game server.

Version Notes For v2.1

Updated on: 2009-03-25 09:56:57 EST by Ratzee (View Zip Contents)
- adverts [fixed] - map end announces [fixed] - new soundstyles

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