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JezSpawn - Version 1.2

posted on 2007-08-24 08:26:47
by jeza


[size=18]Introduction.[/size] Tired of those spawn protectors that are stuck on 5 seconds or don't even work? If you are, then you'll love JezSpawn. JezSpawn is a new take on anti-spawn killing with the ability to pick in game admins to set variables such as the time players are protected for! This mod allows over 1000 admins!, who needs that many!!! [size=18]Features.[/size] *Spawn protection *In-game protection time change *In-game protection enabling/disabling *Late-spawn protection [size=18]Requirements.[/size] Eventscripts 1.3 ES Tools .418

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2007-10-20 10:27:06 EST by jeza
* Map name filter can now be turned off in es_spawn.txt

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