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Remote Mapcontrol - Version v1.1

posted on 2012-12-18 13:07:08
by SpeedFreak


This plugin gives you the possibility to manipulate entities or set specific server settings on individual maps. This includes: [b]Fire entitiy events:[/b] [LIST] [*] Open/Close/Lock/Unlock doors [*] Trigger entities like env_explosion [*] Simulate a pressed button (For example: Trigger deathrun traps remotly) [*] Change player gravity/health etc. [*] Remove entities completely (For example: Remove weapons from the map) [*] And a lot more... [/LIST] [b]Set entity values:[/b] [LIST] [*] Change sound of moving doors/buttons and so on [*] Change speed of entities or the reset time [*] Give them a parent [*] Change spawnflags (For example: An env_explosion can be used multiple times) [*] And a lot more... [/LIST] For a better manual, check out the forum [url=]thread[/url]


[list][*] Download the zip File [*] Extract the file [*] Copy the remote_mapcontrol folder to cstrike/addons/eventscripts/ [*] Edit config.cfg which is in the folder [*] Create mapfiles in the remote_mapcontrol/maps folder [*] Write "es_load remote_mapcontrol" in your autoexec.cfg[/list]

Version Notes For v1.1

Updated on: 2012-12-26 18:38:30 EST by SpeedFreak (View Zip Contents)
[-] Removed rm_setname (Not longer needed) [-] Removed rm_setindex (Not longer needed) [-] Removed rm_setclass (Not longer needed) [*] Fixed a critical bug with rm_setvalue [+] Improved Performance [+] You can now use entity name / index / class name for both commands [+] Added some examples

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