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BANK PoP_mugmod - Version 2.0

posted on 2007-04-26 18:33:36
by ridicoloEU



All-in-one. BANK - betME - PoP-mugmod - Autobuy. (Everyone gets start-money in bank, by every kill will be mugged an percentage of query. By level 3 and more you get C4 and defuse-kit gratis. HELP NEWBIES, MOTIVATE PROFIS.)

Version Notes For 2.0

Updated on: 2007-09-17 13:25:56 EST by ridicoloEU (View Zip Contents)
Some optimisations. Now running on our 12slot server with laggs only in spawn freezetime. HelpURL introduced (say HELP in chat for www with the script/functionality description) For AutoBuy it is now possible to use command auto 1 - auto 9 (numbers of weapons in help) WARM-UP introduced as well, so the BANK account is read and unsed only after the end of warmup of each player. So it have time enough to be sure about steamID... Some BUGs removed.

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