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Player Connect / - Disconnect Info ScreenShot

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Player Connect / - Disconnect Info - Version Player Connect /- Disconnect 1.0

posted on 2013-06-23 18:02:34
by ayezome


This Addon shows you who connected and disconnected on your Server. The Colors wich are used for this addon is green,lightgreend and default.


1. To install this addon you only have to extract the .rar file and drop it on your server. 2. To start the addon you have to write "es_load connect" in your "autoexec.cfg" or "server.cfg" 3. Restart your Server and enjoy the addon. [u]How to change the JoinText : [/u] You only have to change something into the "es_connect" file! [code] > if you want you can change the text after es_msg or es_tell > if you want to write with colors you have to write the colors before the text > Example : #multi > #lightgreen Color : lightgreen > #green Color : Green > #default : Color : Default event player_activate es_msg #multi #lightgreen[ #greenConnect #lightgreen]#green Player#default event_var(es_username) #green connected! es_tell event_var(userid) #multi #lightgreen[ #greenConnect #lightgreen]#green Welcome on our Server. event player_disconnect es_msg #multi #lightgreen[ #greenDisconnect #lightgreen]#green Player#default event_var(es_username) #green disconnected! [/code]

Version Notes For Player Connect /- Disconnect 1.0

Updated on: 2013-06-23 18:02:34 EST by ayezome
Connect / - Disconnect v1.0

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