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!Panic - Mod - Version 2.6

posted on 2011-09-21 16:24:41


[b][u]!Panic[/u][/b] With the !panic addon can you panic and run away very fast! After you have panicked you can recive several weapons! [German] Mit dem !Panic Addon könnt ihr in Panik geraten und schnell wegrennen! Nach der Panik kann man verschiedene Waffen erhalten! Alle Einstellungen sind lassen sich nach belieben verändern! [b][u]Currend Version[/u][/b] 2.5 [u][b]Games:[/b][/u] Counter Strike Source Team Fortress 2 Day of Defeat [b][u]Mods:[/u][/b] Favorite: Zombie Mod Can be used on all Mods [b][u]Commands:[/u][/b] !panic [b][u]Test-Server:[/u][/b] [url=steam://connect/][/url]


Just copy the script in your addon/eventscripts folder! For customizing open the txt file and edit the config lines! [code] //Config //-------------------------------------------- //First weapon to give after !panic es_xset p_primaryweapon "weapon_glock" //Second weapon to give after !panic es_xset p_secondaryweapon "none" //Time how long !panic goes es_xset panic_time 4 //Speed of the panicked player. The normal speed is 1! es_xset panic_speed 3 //Sound to play es_xset panic_sound "bot/help.wav" //--------------------------------------------[/code] Activate the script with "es_load panic" or write the command into your autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 2.6

Updated on: 2011-11-07 10:41:06 EST by (View Zip Contents)
Big Bugfix! Replaced es_fire! Please update the addon!

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