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KnifeKing - Version 1.5

posted on 2007-07-30 16:15:00
by Lobe

Tags: cash css knife


KnifeKing Version 1.5! [b]Requires[/b] -ES TOOLS Version v.418+ -Eventscripts Version 1.5+ [b]About[/b] When a player is killed by a knife, the knifer becomes the KnifeKing, until someone else becomes the KnifeKing by knifing someone. He gets all the victims money, and a reward every round. The current rewards are: -1000$ -A AWP -50% normal gravity -A Deagle -X amount of armor (Customisable) -[img][/img] Customisable skins! Allows downloads! These rewards are given when the KnifeKing spawns [b]How to install[/b] Simply extract this script inside your Cstrike folder (the one with addons inside it). Now, add "es_load kk" (Without quote marks) inside your servers autoexec.cfg file. Restart your server. [b]Credits[/b] Coded by Lobe. Ideas from the VIA server script.

Version Notes For 1.5

Updated on: 2007-08-09 04:45:43 EST by Lobe (View Zip Contents)
Version 1.5 changelog -Added customisable skins

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