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HideExec: Hide N Seek V13.0 [Stable][Official][Final Release] - Version 13.0

posted on 2009-11-28 23:36:21
by Im the new guy

Requires: [list][*][url=]Mani Admin Plugin version 1.2R[/url] [*][url=]ES_Tools version .420[/url] [/list]

Tags: css prop


[b]NOTE: DUE TO THE ORANGE BOX UPDATE THIS VERSION NO LONGER WORKS. TO GET A WORKING VERSION OF THE HIDE AND SEEK MOD WITH MORE FEATURES FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW:[/b] or [u][b]WOOT if you like this mod!!![/b][/u] This is your child hood game with a Twist! Counter Terrorists must seek out the Terrorists before the timer ends, and the Terrorists must transform themselves into furniture (IE Coffee Tables, vending machines, telephones, oil drums and more!). Terrorists have access to different props, depending on the map. For example, if you were playing cs_office, you would have over 30 props to choose from, where as on de_dust maps, you would have 5. Recommended maps: [list] [*]cs_office [*]de_inferno [*]cs_assault [*]cs_militia [/list] Start of the round: Counter terrorists are blinded for a set amount of time (default) 35 seconds, giving them terrorists time to transform and hide. During the Round: Counter terrorists lose health every time they use left click attacks (shoot, quick knife etc). To counter act this, CT's will receive X amount of health every time they hit a Terrorist, or X amount when they kill a T. Right click does not remove health. End of the Round: Terrorists that are still alive will receive X amount of points, depending on what the variables are set to. Default is 10. There is a Config file in cstrike/cfg/ you will need to edit. There are HEAPS of options to choose from, so you can customize your server to your own preferences. There are custom maps available (with prop lists included in current version) you can download from FPS Banana. The URLS to download these maps are included in the zip file. CHANGES IN VERSION 13.0 [list] [*]I optimized a few of the scripts so they work a lot better, for exmaple: [*]With hideExec script, it used to load all popups when script was loaded, and they were standing by, taking up memory. I have changed the script around so the specific popup for that map will be loaded, and all others unloaded. [*]The Hidenseek.txt script i fixed up a fair bit. A major fix was the script loading part, changed it round so the scripts ACTUALLY load (as far as I can see). [*]Did a huge fix in the anticheat.txt script. Changed it so it would only check for cheat cvars IF you had sv_cheats on. It still checks for radar and shadows though. [*]Added the option for server owners to change the price of decoys. Can be configured from hidenseek.cfg. [*]I added a heap of options into hidenseek.cfg so you can pretty much configure the entire mod (admins/game play/special effects/anti cheat/announcements/security/interactive settings/etc etc). So you no longer need to go through each individual script and do it! [/list] The main reason for Version 13's release was because the scripts from 12.5 weren't very efficient. This is mostly a Optimization release if anything. This is our final release of the Mod, so enjoy! For help with errors/installation go to: [url][/url]


To install this mod, simply add the files to the correct directories in your server. Go into Hidenseek.cfg, located in cstrike/cfg/ Change the settings as you please. Add es_load hidenseek into Autoexec.cfg Restart server. Enjoy :)

Version Notes For 13.0

Updated on: 2010-09-27 23:12:32 EST by Im the new guy

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