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FLAwp - Version V1.0.0.0

posted on 2010-12-22 14:44:10
by FrozerLaxegon

Requires: Eventscripts V1.5


Why would I write this script? For a good reason, I don't see any awp-only addons here, most I found is !scout only. Who inspired me to write this script? Experienced mappers and bunny hoppers once told me that carrying an awp can sometimes travel faster than the scout when bunny hopping since scout is much more suitable for long jump instead of bunny hopping. This script is much more suitable to be added into a bunny hop server. Also, this script only allows the player to only get the awp once(which means if you drop the awp, your screwed), this is to prevent spamming, as you can see, I've been bunny hopping for quite some times in server with "!scout" and most of the people just like to spam scouts until the server crash or until everyone lags and rage-quit from the server. With this addon, the player can only type once, this is why its much more suitable for bhop servers. Commands : !awp - Gets AWP !frozersawp - View About [url=]Visit[/url]


Put folder into "./cstrike/addons/eventscripts/ add es_load FLAwp into server.cfg or auto_exec.cfg.

Version Notes For V1.0.0.0

Updated on: 2010-12-22 14:44:10 EST by FrozerLaxegon (View Zip Contents)

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