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Bonus-Money - Version V1.0b

posted on 2008-10-09 20:51:44
by sandking220



Before the mod existing!!! Hum what the hell i kill peaple but i get only 300$! what i will do whit 300$? buy a hegrende? ya sure i will kill someone always whit hegrenade! BUT... After the mod existing!!! Omg you Save me bonus-cash! I can buy a M4 for the first time in my life!!! Get Bonus Money when you kill an enemie. You can config the amount of money you want give when kill an enemie. (default 2000$) but you can change it in the config! It my firt scrypt but i work realy well for it work! sry for my bad english! have fun guy!


Extract the folder in Cstrike and add in you autoexe.cfg es_load bonusmoney

Version Notes For V1.0b

Updated on: 2008-10-11 00:55:32 EST by sandking220 (View Zip Contents)
Well i "fix" the folder enventscrypts like you say :P !

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