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A Plugin That Can Spawn Physics Props.

PropSpawn Details Version: 1.01
Updated:2012-10-18 20:03:54
Downloads: 2318

Simple Mail Box Screenshot
Allows users ingame to send a message to admins which will be stored in a text document.

Simple Mail Box Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2013-02-13 18:01:25
Downloads: 12462

MC.Surfmod Screenshot
Surfmod incl. Settings, !block, Sound, Spawnprotection

MC.Surfmod Details Version: v2.2
Updated:2013-02-15 05:12:41
Downloads: 2706

MC.Adminjoin Screenshot
Admin/Leader Joinsound&Text;

MC.Adminjoin Details Version: v2.0.1
Updated:2013-02-15 05:25:36
Downloads: 4811

Simple Trigger Mod Screenshot
This addon lets you create your own triggers with destinations

Simple Trigger Mod Details Version: 1.0.2
Updated:2013-06-13 10:39:55
Downloads: 8948

Permet de récupérer les admins de Sourcemod pour les utiliser sur Eventscripts.

[LIB] Get Sourcemod Admins Details Version: v1.01
Updated:2013-05-12 14:46:45
Downloads: 2471

Permet d'envoyer des commandes au serveur par Rcon tout en récupérant la réponse.

[LIB] Internal Rcon Details Version: v0.01
Updated:2013-05-12 15:17:22
Downloads: 2350

Feedback Screenshot
This addon gives players the ability to give a feedback on the server (or maps/admins/etc.). The messages are then stored in a text file on your server (with player, steamid and the time sent)

Feedback Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2014-01-02 00:32:58
Downloads: 3571

Auto Downloader Screenshot
This addon makes every file in the "materials", "models", and "sound" folder automatically downloadable. No configuration or adding of files to a list required!

Auto Downloader Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2013-12-22 19:20:22
Downloads: 2967

HL2DM_SERVER Screenshot
This is my server model that I use for LAN gaming and TESTING. ENJOY!!!

HL2DM_SERVER Details Version: x
Updated:2014-02-21 17:35:41
Downloads: 9862

Dropped Health Screenshot
This addon drops a healthkit whenever a player dies at the death location. By touching it the healthkit disappears and gives this player a specified amount of health.

Dropped Health Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2013-12-30 19:25:20
Downloads: 11681

by 4Game
Remix music in Quake

Quake Sounds by 4Game Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2015-12-02 12:35:27
Downloads: 6204

effects gravity hl2dm levelup spectate weapons

HL2DM_SERVER x update v1 Details Version: x - updated
Updated:2016-11-12 22:21:13
Downloads: 3196

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