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Simple Trigger Mod - Version 1.0.2

posted on 2013-02-09 15:55:03
by stonedegg


[b]Simple Trigger Mod[/b] This addon lets you create your own triggers with destinations. It can be very helpful for surf servers with maps that have a jail, but you don't want to let players go into the jail. Or for zombie survival servers when you don't want to allow players to go to a certain spot where they can't be killed by zombie bots. You can add an [b]infinite number[/b] of triggers on an infinite amount of maps. Watch the youtube video to see how it works.


Copy the folder [b]trigger[/b] within [b][/b] into ../addons/eventscripts/. Add es_load trigger to your server.cfg or autoexec.cfg. Edit admins: Open and put your steamid into [b]admins[/b] list. Reload script (es_reload trigger)

Version Notes For 1.0.2

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