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by Zero
Forces Rates Automatically (nomore Lowrates) / Aendert Rates Automatisch (keine Lowrates mehr!)

ForceRate Details Version: v0.4c
Updated:2008-06-28 22:36:34
Downloads: 13353

by dussl
A small script to show all lowraters in css

Expose Lowrater Details Version: 0.0.02
Updated:2008-02-21 16:13:41
Downloads: 1903

XCN-L.R.C (LowRateChecker) Screenshot
Kick the players from the server if they have LowRates or Fakepings. You can change the Mode of the Script. It´s a very helpful script xD

XCN-L.R.C (LowRateChecker) Details Version: 2.1.2
Updated:2009-06-25 16:09:23
Downloads: 18008

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