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by 3R10N
A Simple Credit system for Scripters

SimpleCredits Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2008-09-28 15:31:52
Downloads: 2260

Sistema De Creditos Screenshot
Con este plugin recibiras creditos cada vez que mates a alguien, luego esos creditos los puedes usar en premios como poder curarte, poder resucitar, y mas premios. DiseƱado para mi server Jail.

Sistema De Creditos Details Version: sourcemod_v1
Updated:2012-04-09 11:41:26
Downloads: 3143

by Dann

Dan's GunGameBuy System Details Version: 1.4
Updated:2007-09-23 15:04:05
Downloads: 2448

by pidda
This is a nice jackpot system for rpgmod, cssrpg or sourcerpg. Every time the round ends, the person that has the closest fall damage to the randomized goal is the winner of 1 to 10 rpg credits. Whoever gets the exact goal gets the jackpot.

Falldamage RPG Jackpot Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-07-31 20:27:14
Downloads: 1411

stabbyprops Screenshot
by stabby
Allows your admins or players to spawn your favorite zombiemod props through a propmenu after they type a command in chat. included credit system and easily configurable.

stabbyprops Details Version: 0.5b
Updated:2010-04-26 10:02:53
Downloads: 10251

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