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by ezez32
Cadmin,nuevo admin en españo

Cadmin by Ezez_Adr (Plugin argentino) Details Version: Beta
Updated:2012-01-01 00:44:43
Downloads: 2554

Admin plugin Screenshot
An (almost) complete admin plugin for your server, easy to use, for server and players

Admin plugin Details Version: 1.2.1
Updated:2012-05-24 16:16:02
Downloads: 10004

by zikko
Un menu de super admin créer par zikko qui prend en compte la nouvelle version de source.

[FR] Menu super admin Details Version: Version courante: 5.3.2
Updated:2012-05-23 08:06:10
Downloads: 2763

Round Restart Screenshot
by nyzze
Admins can restart a round. This plugin include a multilanguage support!

Round Restart Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2012-05-24 08:53:19
Downloads: 4344

WeaponAdmin Screenshot
A Weapon-give-menu for admins!

WeaponAdmin Details Version: v1.0
Updated:2012-05-28 08:40:40
Downloads: 2740

Anti Stuck (Stuck Helper) Screenshot
If a player is stucked in the world, he can open a menu or call an admin for help.

Anti Stuck (Stuck Helper) Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2012-09-25 09:10:47
Downloads: 2964

Simple Mail Box Screenshot
Allows users ingame to send a message to admins which will be stored in a text document.

Simple Mail Box Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2013-02-13 18:01:25
Downloads: 12705

MC.Adminjoin Screenshot
Admin/Leader Joinsound&Text;

MC.Adminjoin Details Version: v2.0.1
Updated:2013-02-15 05:25:36
Downloads: 4890

Permet de récupérer les admins de Sourcemod pour les utiliser sur Eventscripts.

[LIB] Get Sourcemod Admins Details Version: v1.01
Updated:2013-05-12 14:46:45
Downloads: 2522

by ayezome
This addon will show you if an admin joined the server, also it will play a joinsound!

Admin JoinSound/Message Details Version: AdminTool v1.0
Updated:2013-06-23 19:40:31
Downloads: 2774


Headshot_Only BlackMesa Details Version: By Nicolas
Updated:2015-03-18 00:01:38
Downloads: 3376

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