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Admin plugin - Version 1.2.1

posted on 2012-04-15 18:52:44
by adyshor37

Requires: - auth service is not required. The admin access is based on steamid. - no other plugins needed, only ESP


Based on BAT's options, which gave me some idea on what features I might need for a nice and easy to use admin menu, the plugin is a must have for a respectable admin, with basic options. Written in .py, free to use and to edit as you like, or use in your own plugins (maybe give some credits though) - Player management : kick, ban (steamid, ip or both), slay, change name, change team (Spec, Tero, CT), teleport - Map management: change map, set nextmap, start mapvote - Kick/ban vote (can be enabled/disabled) - you'll find out, if you decide to use it Usable chat commands for players: adminlist, votekick, voteban, votemap, timeleft, thetime Usable chat messages for admins: say: @message - common message to all players, as admin say_team: @message - private message to all the other admins, not visible for players say: #message - center message to all players, as admin say: $message - toptext message to all players, as admin Note: It is best to set only one time/round/win/frag limit, and the others set to 0, to avoid any issues with "timeleft" chat command.


- extract in cstrike folder - load the file with "es_load" command in console or add to autoexec.cfg - you can also add "es_load" command in corelib's block load - a cfg file is available

Version Notes For 1.2.1

Updated on: 2012-05-24 16:16:02 EST by adyshor37 (View Zip Contents)
- small fix

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