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Map End Sound & Timeleft Screenshot
by kajla
Map end sound and Timeleft in HLSW :) - Pálya végi hang és hátralévő idő kiíró HLSW-ben! :) - Multilanguage

Map End Sound & Timeleft Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-04-17 14:20:19
Downloads: 4953

It Shows the number of living CT's every time when a CT died.

CT's left for Deathrun servers Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-03-31 11:54:29
Downloads: 2400

Zeigt nach jedem Tot eines CT an wieviel CTs noich am Leben sind.

CTs-left DEUTSCH für Deathrun Server Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2009-07-13 12:41:38
Downloads: 2117

by stabby
Show damage done and/or health remaining at the bottom of the screen when a player is hurt. can be configured to be teamrestricted.

Hudhealth Details Version: 1.0a
Updated:2010-01-24 10:39:54
Downloads: 2964

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