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by ichthys

Ultimate Admin Lite v1.1 Details Posted: 2005-12-01 14:42:39

Ich Swear Filter Screenshot
by ichthys
Kicks players for inappropriate language

Ich Swear Filter Details Version: 1.6
Updated:2007-08-16 01:01:47
Downloads: 2966

by ichthys
Restrict access to your server based on steamid

Ich Steam Registered Players v1.1 Details Posted: 2007-04-27 12:56:20

by jxl180
For hostie servers. When a ct types !simon a sound plays telling poeple its simon says, also a message in chat and center say who is simon. It then mutes everyone but simon so people can hear. If simon types !simon again, dies, disconnects...

Simon Says Details Version: 1.0b
Updated:2009-05-04 21:19:04
Downloads: 9811

Checks the length of all joining players against some customizable settings and warns, kicks and bans as approprate

Name_length_Checker Details Posted: 2006-09-21 05:23:48

by Don

BadNames v 3.0 by Don Details Version: 3.0
Updated:2007-07-13 19:12:04
Downloads: 2298

by TP.Pred
A Team Balance command added. tp_balance

Es Team Balancer V1.1 Details Posted: 2007-05-19 23:51:23

I didnt find a code to balance the teams directly so i created this:)

Rkt_Balanceteams, Direct Team Balancer Details Posted: 2007-05-30 07:55:09

Caskio's Zombify Players Menu Screenshot
A menu list of players to turn into a zombie.

Caskio's Zombify Players Menu Details Version: 2.5
Updated:2007-11-02 01:21:04
Downloads: 14482

by Oskar93
An afk script i put together very quick.

AFK Mod Details Version: Alpha 1
Updated:2007-09-26 12:20:52
Downloads: 3142

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