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Ich Swear Filter ScreenShot

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Ich Swear Filter - Version 1.6

posted on 2006-08-19 04:48:14
by ichthys


[color=red][b]../cstrike/addons/eventscripts/ich_swearfilter/es_ich_swearfilter.txt[/b][/color] [b]To load:[/b] es_load ich_swearfilter (note: If you load while players are in your server and ip ban is enabled they will not be ip banned - ip address is obtained when players first connect) For [b]autoload[/b] when you resart server add es_load ich_swearfilter to autoexec.cfg [b]Config Block[/b] [syntax="es"]swear_clear_on_disconnect 1 //If on player swear counts will be zerod when they disconnect swear_limit 4 //If a player swears this many times, they are banned swear_warning "Swearing is not permitted on this server!" swear_bantime 60 //Time in minutes to ban a player for swearing swear_banip 1 //If set to 1 will also ban players IP address es_keygroupcreate swear_words //These words will match partial matches es_keycreate swear_words swear1 es_keycreate swear_words anotherword es_keycreate swear_words anotherbadword es_keycreate swear_words aneverworseword //These words will only match the word (notice the spaces and quotes) es_keycreate swear_words " niger "//if you say "niger" or "you niger" NOT nigeria [/syntax] [img][/img]

Version Notes For 1.6

Updated on: 2007-08-16 01:01:47 EST by ichthys
v1.6 - Released as single script for all game mods v1.5 - changed event to get hooked text like admin say messages (thx - moggiex for looking into this) v1.4 - added support for checking whole words against partial matches v1.3 - added banning my IP address

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