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Zombie Survival - Version 1

posted on 2008-01-04 16:03:12
by carbon-14



[b]The game-play [/b] When the round starts, a random human is chosen to be a zombie. He starts with extra speed and HP, and a one-hit kill knife. After he kills at-least one person, he is reverted to a normal zombie who has normal HP and does normal damage. This makes sure that the game does not end quickly because someone killed the first zombie. The zombies must then try to kill the remaining humans, and the humans must do everything they can to survive! Humans earn guns by killing zombies, and server owners can add their own custom guns, with custom names and damages (Detailed tutorial in the readme.txt) to be given to the humans when they kill a specified amount of zombies. The script comes with 5 unique zombie skins, but if server owners want to disable them they can, and the script instead sets each player's colour according to their class (See the screenshots). The zombies have 5 classes to choose from, each with a different speed, health and damage. Below is a break down of the classes: 1. Normal Zombie - 30 Damage, 130 HP, 1.2x normal speed 2. Fast Zombie - 20 Damage, 60 HP, 1.4x normal speed, 0.60x normal gravity (Higher jumping) 3. Poison Zombie - 50 Damage, 500 HP, 0.8x normal speed 4. Chem Zombie - 0 Damage, 30 HP, 1.3x normal speed. This zombie explodes when he is killed, wounding and killing nearby players. He has no weapon. 5. Wraith Zombie - 15 Damage, 60 HP, 1.6x normal speed. This zombie is partially invisible (For the more technically minded of you, his alpha is set to 70 out of 255) [b]The Setup [/b] Zombie Survival is easy to set up. However, if you need help, read the Readme.txt (Included in the download). You need EventScripts 2.0+, and the latest version of EventScripts Tools. Simply extract the contents of the download to your Cstrike server, read the Readme, change the settings in the zsconfig.cfg and add 'es_load zs' to your server.cfg, and restart your server. [b]Subscripts [/b] Zombie Survival comes with two sub-scripts, that add extra functionality to the mod, and can be turned off at any time through the config file. These two subscripts are: 1. ZS Beats - This subscript plays a simple beat to every human. The beat increases in volume and speed as more humans become zombies. Requires users to download 10 music files. 2. ZS Props - This subscript allows users to spawn props! All the props are Destructible wooden ones, and to stop spamming there is a credit system included. Each user starts with 50 credits, which he can use to buy props for barricades. These cost about 10 to 20 credits each. Users can earn more credits to repair their barricade by killing zombies (Default is 2 credits per kill) [b]Credits[/b] This mod is a port of the Gmod10 one, which is coded by JetBoom. All credit for ideas go to him. You can visit him at Coding was done by A-Friend and Thorium, and the project was managed by Carbon-14. Originally, the project was managed by Lobe, but he quit before it even got underway.

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Updated on: 2008-06-06 14:05:17 EST by carbon-14 (View Zip Contents)
Version 1.0 -Many small bug-fixes

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