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Zombie Horror 2.0 ScreenShot

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Zombie Horror 2.0 - Version 1.1.6b

posted on 2008-06-09 22:10:13
by bonbon



A cool Zombie Gameplay with the default version no downloads! Thanks to Undead for requesting this and adding cool modifications to the original. [color=red][size=15]Configuration[/color][/size][list] [syntax="es"]// Default Zombie Health zh_zombie_health_min 450 zh_zombie_health_max 800 zh_zombie_health_level_bonus_multiplier 7 zh_zombie_player_health_multiplier 3 // Default Zombie Speed zh_zombie_speed_min 0.8 zh_zombie_speed_max 1 zh_zombie_speed_level_bonus_multiplier 0.01 // Default Zombie Armor zh_zombie_armor_min 50 zh_zombie_armor_max 250 zh_zombie_armor_level_bonus_multiplier 2 zh_zombie_player_armor_multiplier 5 // Zombie Gravity zh_zombie_gravity_min 0.8 zh_zombie_gravity_max 1 zh_zombie_gravity_level_multiplier 0.01 // Zombie Knock Back Force Multiplier (Based on Damage) zh_enable_knockback 1 zh_zombie_knockback_min 1 zh_zombie_knockback_max 4 zh_zombie_knockback_level_multiplier_minus 0.25 // The higher the level, the lower the knockback // Zombie Regen if delay is 0, it's disabled zh_zombie_regen_delay 5 zh_zombie_level_regen_multiplier 0.1 zh_zombie_regen_min 1 zh_zombie_regen_max 3 zh_zombie_regen_max_health 400 // Default Zombie Models seperate with a comma. All models have to be added to downloads.cfg zh_zombie_models zombie/classic,zombie/fast,zombie/poison,humans/charple01,humans/charple02,humans/charple03,humans/charple04 // Boss Chance zh_boss_chance 10 // Boss Model zh_boss_model humans/corpse1 // Boss Health zh_boss_health_min 1000 zh_boss_health_max 3000 // Boss Armor zh_boss_armor_min 1000 zh_boss_armor_max 3000 // Boss Speed zh_boss_speed_min 0.8 zh_boss_speed_max 1.25 // Boss KnockBack zh_boss_knockback_min 1 zh_boss_knockback_max 2.5 // Boss Gravity zh_boss_gravity_min 0.75 zh_boss_gravity_max 1 // Enable fog zh_fog 1 // Color of the Fog seperate rgb by comma zh_fog_rgb 70,70,70 zh_fog_rgb2 120,120,120 // Restricted Weapons seperate with comma zh_restricted_weapons m249,g3sg1,sg550,awp,flashbang,smokegrenade // Dissolve players on death zh_dissolve_on_death 1 // How many zombies gets in the stockpile for each human zh_stock_zombies 2.25 // Multiplier for how how many wins gets added to the zombie stockpile zh_stock_multiplier 2.25 // how many zombies get added to the stock (after all the other stuff) zh_stock_add 3 // How many rounds the humans have to be winning by to win the map and for the map to change zh_rounds_to_win 5 // End the map when all the levels have been beaten, 1 is end map, 0 is go back to the first level. zh_end_map_on_win 1 // Hud update interval is how many seconds between updates on how many humans and zombies there are zh_hud_update_time 5.5 // How much cash humans get on round start, 0 to disable zh_start_cash 16000 // How many zombie bots there are zh_bots 10 // How many game units away from a player until they start seeing the fog, higher the less they see the fog zh_fog_start 250 // How my game untis away from a player they stop seeing the fog, the lower the less they see zh_fog_end 600 // Ambiance sound that playes in background if non zero it'll play that sound sound must be added to downloads.cfg // An example would be zombiehorror/mysound.wav and in downloads.cfg you would have sound/zombiehorror/mysound.wav zh_ambiance 0 // Ambiance delay between restarting the sound gotta get it right for good effects :P zh_ambiance_delay 0 // round_end_win overlay 0 is disabled zh_round_end_overlay_win 0 // round end lose overlay 0 is disabled zh_round_end_overlay_lose 0 // round start overlay 0 is disabled zh_round_start_overlay 0 // overlay sound an example would be zombiehorror/mysound.wav and in downloads.cfg you would have sound/zombiehorror/mysound.wav zh_overlay_sound 0 // skybox 0 is disabled zh_skybox 0 // Bot Prefix bot_prefix Zombie // Dead Talk zh_dead_talk 1 // Players can respawn if they join late zh_zspawn 1 // Characters that if the text starts with that, and they're dead, it won't message that. zh_excluded_dead_characters !@/ // sound that's played on round start with a bot zh_boss_sound 0 // Zombie spawn protection time, 0 == disabled zh_zombie_spawn_protection_time 5 // Machine gun ammo reserve (machine gun is extremely cheap against zombies) 0 is disabled zh_machine_gun_ammo 100 // Head shot only for zombies, 1 is enabled, 0 is disabled zh_headshot_only 0 // Beacon the last zombie(s) of the round zh_beacon_last_zombie 1 // How many zombies to beacon (like if there's only 3 left, and you wanna beacon them all, set to 3) zh_min_zombies_beacon 2 // Napalm grenade 1 is on, 0 is off zh_napalm 0 // Napalm grenade time zh_napalm_time 3 // Extra health humans get for killing a zombie zh_health_kill_bonus 3 // Try to stop unfair camping zh_stop_camp 1 // Range (Game Units) that people can move around in that is counted as camping zh_camp_range 50 // time that player's can stay in an area before getting punished zh_camp_time 25 // Remove ragdolls, they cause some lag zh_remove_ragdolls 1 // How much damage to do every 5 seconds to campers zh_camper_damage 5 // Enable/Disable pushing campers out of their spots zh_camper_push 1 // Beacon Camping Zombies zh_beacon_camping_zombies 1 // Noblock for humans only zh_human_noblock 1 // Terrorist weapons that CT's can buy using buy in console zh_ct_weapons elite,g3sg1,ak47,sg552,galil,mac10 // Enable/Disable zoom for weapnos zh_weapon_zoom 0 // Weapons that people can zoom in on, people have to hold down +zoom, or zoom_toggle to use zh_zoom_weapons m3,xm1014 // HP Bonus for killing a boss zh_boss_hp_bonus 6 // Announced when someone killed a boss zh_anounce_boss_killed 1 // How dark the map is, from letters a to g a being darkest, g being lightest zh_darkness g // Bonus health to humans if there's like two players playing so it's not that hard for them // 0 is disabled, any integer non 0 value is how many humans minimum it takes for them to get the bonus zh_few_humans_hp_bonus 2 // The amount of hp a person would get if there was 1 human (Not added on to HP, set) zh_start_hp_value 200 // How much to take away from that number per human after that zh_per_human_hp_loss 10 // Limit the amount of m249's on the server zh_m249_max 2 // Here is where you handle the messages for round start, telling people what level they're on. // It's the message that appears in the hudhint zh add levelmessage 0 Noob Level zh add levelmessage 1 1 zh add levelmessage 2 2 zh add levelmessage 3 3 zh add levelmessage 4 4 zh add levelmessage 5 Boss Level zh add levelmessage 6 You Win zh add levelmessage 7 Just Kidding zh add levelmessage 8 8 zh add levelmessage 9 10 zh add levelmessage 10 Hah, last one was 9, this is 10 zh add levelmessage 11 Moo (11) zh add levelmessage 12 12 // Handle weapons that Ts can buy here via buy in console // Syntax is zh add tgun zh add tgun elite 800 zh add tgun ak47 2700 zh add tgun g3sg1 4500 zh add tgun galil 2200 // If you want custom models for humans, you can add them here with the following syntax // zh add humanmodel // Don't forget to put all models in your downloads.cfg! // Stop people from rejoining to respawn, this is better than mani's, cause if you like lag out, and you're alive you miss out for a bit // The idea is 100% sc0pes, and you should wewt his addons :) // If you like this, go on and wewt it at ! zh_anti_rejoin_to_spawn 1 // Whether or not to auto update zombie horror zh_auto_update 1 //-------Achievements------// // The following are just achievement variables // Enable/Disable Achievements zh_achievements 1 // Whether or not to announce to the whole server when a player has unlocked an achievement zh_announce_achievement_unlocked 1 // Enabled achievements // Options are // PK - Pistol King // SV - Survivor // RPG - Rampage // BS - Boss Slayer // AZ - Anti Zombie // PY - Pyro // HUM - Humiliator zh_enabled_achievements PK,SV,RPG,BS,AZ,PY,HUM // The amount of players in the top achievements menu zh_players_in_top 10 // How many kills required with a pistol in a row, to aquire pistol king zh_pistol_king_kills_needed 50 // How many kills a player needs in a row to get the survivor achievement zh_survivor_kills_needed 50 // How many kills a player needs in one round to achieve the rampage achievement zh_rampage_kills_needed 20 // How many bosses a player must kill to get the boss slayer achievement zh_boss_killer_kills_needed 25 // How many zombies a player has to kill to get the anti zombie zh_anti_zombie_kills 500 // How many times a player has to light a zombie on fire with a grenade to achieve pyro zh_pyro_lights 50 // How many kills a player needs with a knife to get humiliator zh_humiliator_kills 30[/syntax][/list] [color=red][size=15]Levels[/color][/size][list] [syntax="python"]# This is an example of how a would look # This is if you want to have custom levels with custom models ect # You can even have multiple boss levels! # If you want it to be a boss level, change 'boss': 0 to 'boss': 1 attributes = { 0: { 'min_health': 100, 'max_health': 200, 'min_speed': 0.8, 'max_speed': 1, 'min_armor': 100, 'max_armor': 200, 'min_gravity': 0.8, 'max_gravity': 1, 'model': 'player/cow/cow/cow.mdl', # You have to use the exact path after models/ 'chance': 100, 'boss': 0 # If 1, the zombies will act as bots, and you'll get a bonus for killing them, and it will be considered a boss level }, 1: { 'min_health': 100, 'max_health': 200, 'min_speed': 0.8, 'max_speed': 1, 'min_armor': 100, 'max_armor': 200, 'min_gravity': 0.8, 'max_gravity': 1, 'model': 'player/cow/cow/cow.mdl', 'chance': 50, # There's only a 50% chance that zombies will have these attributes 'boss': 0 } }[/syntax][/list]


Extract all files to your game directory edit the config to your liking add es_load zombiehorror to your autoexec.cfg restart your server

Version Notes For 1.1.6b

Updated on: 2009-05-03 14:42:12 EST by bonbon (View Zip Contents)
Fixed yet another keyerror.

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