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zombiecontainment - Version 4.6b

posted on 2009-09-06 00:17:04
by elcabong

Requires: [*][url=]SPE[/url] VERSION: 1.5.0f r78 or higher


upto date info @


. Install the newest version of the requirements above. 2. unzip folder into your addons folder to look as follows: /addons/eventscripts/zombiecontainment 3. Add the recommended skins attached @ 4. edit: the .cfg files in zombiecontainment/ directory to your liking 5. Add the following line somewhere in autoexec.cfg "es_load zombiecontainment" and restart your server.

Version Notes For 4.6b

Updated on: 2010-10-13 20:13:44 EST by elcabong (View Zip Contents)
updated issue with calling !gtfo vote after changing from survival mode to story mode.

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