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Zombie Mod Roll The Dice - Version 1.1

posted on 2007-08-05 02:27:43
by GLitched System


Zombiemod Roll The Dice is a script that a CT player can type !rtdct and the user has a 5/11 chance of getting something good or a 6/11 chance of getting something bad. It varies from Invisibility to being Zombiefied. Players can also buy a extra dice roll if they want to buy typing !buyzmdice. Zombiemod Roll The Dice CT Requirements Eventscripts 1.5 ES Tools .418 es_uses script Mani Admin Plugin _______________ How to Install Make a folder in your cstrike/addons/eventscripts/ folder called zmrollthedice Add the following lines to your autoexec. es_load popup es_load corelib es_load zmrollthedice How to set up the admin list [code]"zmrtd_admin" { "STEAMID" { "name" "BOB?" } "STEAMID" { "name" "BOB?" } }[/code]To add more than one admin hit enter once and just do the format above. How to change how much a dice roll cost Press ctrl + f Put in the box[code] ifx parse("zmrtdcash_key < 15000") do[/code]After you find it, change the 15000 to whatever number A few lines down, also change the 15000 to the number you just changed. Save it. Good things: Rocket, Add teleport, More speed, Lower Gravity, Invisibility Bad things: Zombified, Subtract Teleport, higher gravity, freeze, turn on fire, and drop guns. Server Operator Notes Admin Menu Be sure to set your admins !zmrtdadmin brings the admin menu You can turn any of the dice rolls off ( Example: If you don't want players to become zombified, you can turn it off ) Set the number of dice rolls Turn script off/on Script Notes Be sure to set the max dice rolls [code]uses2_max 1[/code] * This script uses the es_uses format and I want to thank whomever did that.

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2007-08-18 12:52:39 EST by GLitched System (View Zip Contents)
1.0 --- Initial Release ______________ 1.1 --- Fixed Players typing things other than !rtdct and it show "You are not Human" Added zmrtd_command variable Added zmrtd_messages variable Added a config block Added "Back" Option to features menu

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