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ZM Launcher - Version v1.10

posted on 2007-11-19 16:36:09
by Grey Echo


A simple, yet very handy script. This should save people a lot of time with map configs. REQUIREMENTS: * EventScripts v1.2 (or higher) * ZombieMod (most any version) DESCRIPTION: * This plugin launches ZombieMod when the server changes to a ZM or ZE map. * While this script is extremely simple, it is also very handy. * Please do not go and call this work your own. Thanks. INSTALLATION: 1. Extract the "addons" folder to your "cstrike" directory of your SRCDS installation. Overwrite any files if asked. 2. Open/Edit/Create your autoexec.cfg in your cstrike/cfg directory and add the following text to the bottom of it: es_load zmload 3. Open/Edit your zombiemod.cfg in your cstrike/cfg/zombiemod directory and search for the following text. If it isn't there, add it to the bottom of the file instead. Both methods will work fine. zombie_startup 0 4. Restart your server, and enjoy! If you find any bugs, please report them. Thanks and enjoy. =D

Version Notes For v1.10

Updated on: 2007-11-19 16:36:08 EST by Grey Echo (View Zip Contents)
v1.10 - Added support for ZE (Zombie Escape) maps.

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