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Zombie Massacre - Version 5.0

posted on 2008-03-24 03:08:48
by bubbeh



The humans have to complete a certain objective (as defined by the prefix on the map's filename) within a timelimit. There is, however, zombies coming in from every angle and making the need for teamwork in order to be successful. This mod is very fun with 4-5 good friends and one who has atleast half a brain in order to install the mod. On DE (bomb DEfusal) maps the humans have to plant the bomb and protect it with their lives for 90 seconds while zombies come in from any entrance into the bomb site. On CS (idfk) maps the humans have to charge in and rescue the survivors. On ZM/ZH/* (wildcard lolo) maps the humans have to survive for 5 minutes.


1) Extract the 'zm5' directory. 2) Go into it. 3) Copy the contents over into the root of your server's srcds directory.

Version Notes For 5.0

Updated on: 2008-03-24 03:08:42 EST by bubbeh (View Zip Contents)
Fifth internal version, first public version :D

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