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xChat - Version 0.0.1

posted on 2009-10-06 16:59:43
by adminc


This plugin creates a way for people to chat into a css server from an XMPP chatroom and from the chatroom to the server. It prepends a "$" symbol to the front of the names of CSS players on the server. You can change it to any other single ascii character, but it is necessary.


You will need the xmpp python plugin (included in the archive) as well as an account which the plugin can use on the XMPP server. 1. Unzip the directories into their respective locations. The xmpp plugin should have the correct directory tree. Linux server might need to get a dns plugin for python, but I don't think so. YMMV. 2. Edit to have the following info: A. domain = The domain of the XMPP chat server B. user = The dummy use who will act on behalf of the CSS server C. pwd = The password of the dummy user D. room = The name of the room on the server to use E. roomid = On my chat server, the name of the service that hosts chatrooms is of the form conference.{domain}. You will have to change it to the correct roomid. Note: It is not a real domain, it just has the service name in front of the real domain. 3. Load the plugin on your server (es_load xchat) 4. If you want to you can change the "ident" variable to another character, but dont set it to null, and dont set it to have multiple characters.

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