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Weapon Punish - Version 1.2a

posted on 2008-05-27 05:03:50
by theresthatguy


[syntax="python"]### Start Config ### bad_weapons = ['awp', 'g3sg1', 'sg550'] #Weapons you wish to punish players for using. Use same format to add/remove weapons from list. punishment = ['stripallguns'] #Options: kill, slap, burn, striparmor, stripgun, stripallguns, or changename #Mulitple punishment supported IE: ['slap', 'stripgun'] slap_damage = 50 #This will take away from Health total NOT armor. burn_time = 20 #burn time is in seconds rename_player = "1337 N00b" #This will be the new name of the punishened player. ### End Config ###[/syntax] Use config to select what weapons and punishment for using the weapon. The punishment will occur when the player fires said weapon. Defaults are as in the above example config. Note: If using punishment is burn and player dies, the fire sound will continue to play till round end.


Extract the files. Add es_load weaponpunish to autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 1.2a

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