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WCS Shopmenu Protection - Version 0.2

posted on 2009-11-23 08:44:05
by Terminator2009


This is my first script. I made this for our WCS server because i didnt find a variable in the WCS-config to disable the shopmenu if only 1 player is on the server. It's a easy script. It sets the money to 0 every round start if only 1 player is on the server. On cs_ maps you could get money for talking to hostages so I made that small bug fix. Now if you talk to a hostage, your money will be set to 0 , too :). [b]Why?[/b] He could kill himself/plant the bomb/rescue hostages to get some money. Then he could buy levels/XP. This script prevents that!


Just extract everything in the *.zip folder into your cstrike/ directory Then add this line in your autoexec.cfg [b]es_load wcsshopprot[/b] Restart your server.

Version Notes For 0.2

Updated on: 2009-12-08 08:21:45 EST by Terminator2009 (View Zip Contents)
Woops. Removed the variable :/ Sorry.. Now it works!

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