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Master's Warmod - Version 3.5.1

posted on 2008-05-28 06:15:49
by DanielB


Warmod manages wars, scrims and pugs. Keeps track of score, swaps teams, auto lo3, team cash display, overtime, ready system, etc Usage: Too add admins, edit the first line in ./addons/eventscripts/warmod/ It, by default, reads admins = ['STEAM_ID_LAN', 'YOUR STEAMID HERE', 'Another...', 'AND SO ON'] Substitute your steamid(s) in over those, contained in the '', and seperated by , You can also use AUTH, just give your admins access to "warmod" To start a war, open your console and type war [t name] [ct name] (T and CT name are optional) eg/ [list][*]war [*]war Clan1 Clan2 [*]war "Clan name with a space" Clan2[/list] Then a ready system will fire. To mark yourself as say one of the following [list] [*].r [*]/r [*]!r [*].ready [*]/ready [*]!ready[/list] You can also "unready" yourself by saying [list] [*].ur [*]/ur [*]!ur [*].unready [*]/unready [*]!unready[/list] Should you close the info popup, you can have it sent to you again by saying [list] [*]!info [*]/info [*].info[/list] To bypass the ready system, place war_force in your console To cancel a war, place war_cancel in your console Setting can be changed in settings.cfg, located at ./addons/eventscripts/warmod/


place in addons/eventscripts/warmod add es_load warmod into autoexec restart server or type "es_load warmod" into console OR es_install warmod

Version Notes For 3.5.1

Updated on: 2009-06-15 07:52:39 EST by DanielB (View Zip Contents)
Possible fix to OT error

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