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WA NoBlock - Version 1.01

posted on 2009-11-21 12:29:46
by kristofferfinvik


WA NoBlock is an addons that enables NoBlock on your server WA NoBlock also got some other features like some nice settings where you can specify how many players there need to be before NoBlock gets enabled.


[list] [*][b]1.[/b] Download the WA NoBlock zip file and unzip it. [*][b]2.[/b] Upload all files inside the zip file to yout game servers cstrike directory and overwrite files if needed. [*][b][color=red]*[/color]3.[/b] configure noblock settings inside the [color=blue]wanoblock.cfg[/color] file. [*][b]4.[/b] add [b]es_load wanoblock[/b] to your [color=red]autoexec.cfg[/color] file. [*][b]5.[/b] Restart your gameserver. [/list] [color=red][b]*[/color] Optional[/b]

Version Notes For 1.01

Updated on: 2009-11-22 17:57:06 EST by kristofferfinvik (View Zip Contents)
[b]1.01[/b] [list][*] Fixed so the settings work. [/list] [b]1.0[/b] [list][*] Initial Release [/list]

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