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WaitCT - Version 1

posted on 2011-04-02 15:07:19
by ShoTaXx#


This script is for jail servers for prevent players from freekilling. I release it because i hate ******* freekillers! This script is freeware and open source. Feel free to edit things after you give me a whoot. Do not delete the waitct_version. Configuration: //The amount of rounds the player need to play as CT. waitct_rounds "10" //Here you can translate! //Instead of server_var(waitct_rounds) you can write a number, too. waitct_msg "You need to play server_var(waitct_rounds) Rounds as T before you can play as CT!" Enjoy it!


just copy it into cstrike folder and add es_load waitct info autoexec.cfg or server.cfg

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