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Votemap - Version 1.0

posted on 2007-12-01 00:17:18
by freddukes


[b]Ever wanted to group all your vote menus together?[/b] Now you can... With 1 very easy to edit script, you can first vote for your group, e.g. a GG map, then all the GunGame maps come up in another vote proceeding the first. [b][size=18]So what is VoteMap?[/size][/b] It's an extremely easy to edit, and highly powerful votemap tool. It will allow you and your players to vote for the style of map (all customizable), and then proceeding that, the style winner's maps will appear for a secondary vote, allowing the players full access of the following maps. [b][size=18]Why use VoteMap?[/size][/b] VoteMap is one of the easiest, if not [b]the[/b] easiest map vote script to use. All it requires is you edit 1 text document, and the clever scripting sorts out the rest for you. Not only this, but this unique idea allows the users full access to your maps, and in a tidy fashion. It stops biased maps being played, and makes use of the wide range of map styles you can have on a server. [b][size=18]Use this in conjunction with map configs![/b][/size] I originally created this as I have several modifications to my server, allowing the GunGame script to be played on GunGame maps, and Zombie Script to be played on Zombie Maps etc. I quickly found out that my friends were getting bored of mods easy, and wanted to swap between them, and it was difficult for them without me being there, thus I bought them this. [b][size=18]So how do I use this?[/size]][/b] This is simple. Inside the .zip file, you'll find a folder, (votemap). All you do is drag and drop this into the [b]./addons/eventscripts[/b] folder. After this, open up the [b]votemap[/b] folder and inside you'll see 2 config files; maps.cfg and config.cfg. The config.cfg is for general settings, and the maps.cfg is to add maps. Open up the files and follow the instructions. Okay, now that was easy wasn't it :D. So now, all you have to do is go to your autoexec.cfg (located inside: ./cfg) and at the top add these two lines. [code] eventscripts_maphandler 1 es_load votemap [/code] And now you're already to go. Now ingame I've added the ability to type: Nextmap - Will show the server what map is next. If no map has been voted for, then it will say: Nextmap - Decided by Vote timeleft - Will display how long the server has got until it changes map thetime - Will virtually always display the [b]correct[/b] time (unlike mani-admin,) in the format of: Day, Month, Year, Hour, Minutes, seconds... e.g. 1 December 2007, 5:37:42 AM... [b]Okay so here are a few pictures of the ingame commands and voting.[/b] [IMG][/IMG] I hope you enjoy this script as much as I did

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2008-04-13 03:59:23 EST by freddukes (View Zip Contents)
[list] [*] Converted to [url=]ES2.0[/url] [*] Changed the way in which you add maps [*] Added the option to automatically sort your groups for you. Hands of editing. [/list]

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