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Uptime - Version 1.1.3

posted on 2009-04-17 07:28:01
by Errant


~~~ Tanslations needed! ~~~ Uptime is a super simple Addon designed to help admins check how long their server has been running for. ** NOTE: By default Uptime will try to autoupdate once per day from ESAM. You my disable this in the cfg file ** Features: ~ Logs uptime information to a file (addons/eventscripts/uptime/uptime.log) on map start for later retrieval ~ provides uptime information via a say command or server command or con. Type "uptime" into chat or console to see the data ~ protect who can view the data via an auth provider or cvar adminlist ~ display via popup (default) or in chat area ~ auto update on map start (once per day) Coming soon: ~ Loglib support ~ More data tracking Configuration: Uptime uses cfglib to run it's configuration. Once you have loaded Uptime for the first time a cfg file will appear in the addon directory for you to edit. Alternatively you may edit any of the server variables directly on the server (though these changes wont be saved on reload of the addon). uptime_date_format default: 0 desc: Set display date format (1 = US format, 0 = EU format) uptime_log default: 1 desc: Log times to file on map start (1=ON, 0=OFF) uptime_rnd_start default: 1 desc: Show uptimes publicly on round start (1=ON, 0=OFF) uptime_use_popup default: 1 desc: Show uptimes via popup (1=ON, 0=OFF) uptime_auto_update default: 1 desc: Auto update on map start, if available (1=ON, 0=OFF) uptime_admins_only default: 0 desc: Only show the uptime info to admins (1=ON, 0=OFF) uptime_admins default: '' desc: Uptime adminlist (seperate Steam ID's with ;) Uptime Changelog V1.1 (CURRENT) added cfglib.addonINI and langlib support added autoupdate feature added auth service support, also supports a basic adminlist via cvar added cmdlib support, rm player_say event V1.0 basic release logs uptimes and other info


Unzip the files to your cstrike directory. Run es_load in server console Edit the created CFG file to your liking. To enable admin protection change "uptime_admins_only" to 1 and either: - add "uptime_admin" to your admins via the auth provider. OR - add your admins steamids in a ; seperated list to the uptime_admins cvar Add es_load to you autoexec.cfg file to autoload uptime on start

Version Notes For 1.1.3

Updated on: 2009-11-16 10:47:23 EST by Errant (View Zip Contents)
Added Hungarian translations thanks to kajla. For them to work you may need to add the following to addons/eventscripts/_libs/python/deflangs.ini [hungarian] id=hu display=Hungarian (Magyar)

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