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unnamed kicker - Version 3.0.0

posted on 2008-01-19 20:02:59
by bonbon


Config [syntax="es"]// What to do when an unnamed player joins the server // Valid options are // kick - kick the player // abuse - have some fun with them, abuse them till they leave or change their name // changename - change their name unnamed_mode kick // How long after the player joins the server to kick them for being unnamed unnamed_kick_after 360 // What to change the name to if the mode is changename unnamed_namechange Nub sawce // The kick message unnamed_kick_message Come back when you change your name, nub[/syntax] when people join as the name "unnamed" it will do one of three things[list][*]Kick the player [*]Change their name (configurable) [*]Abuse them, features of abuse include[list][*][b]0 Seconds[/b] - Slows player to 0.5 speed [*][b]10 Seconds[/b] - Slaps the player multiple times [*][b]20 Seconds[/b] - Shakes the players screen for 60 seconds [*][b]30 Seconds[/b] - Fades the players screen for 40 seconds (gradual fade in and out) [*][b]40 Seconds[/b] - Strips the player of all weapons [*][b]50 Seconds[/b] - Freezes the player [*][b]60 Seconds[/b] - Burns the player, after 30 seconds they will be at 1 hp and stop burning [*][b]90 Seconds[/b] - Explode the player[/list][/list]


Extract all files to your cstrike directory edit unnamedabuser.cfg to your liking add es_load unnamedabuser to your autoexec.cfg restart your server

Version Notes For 3.0.0

Updated on: 2010-02-02 18:54:02 EST by bonbon (View Zip Contents)
Completely re-wrote No longer requires ES-Tools

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