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Undead Buy - Version 1.3

posted on 2009-05-27 20:17:50
by Undead

Tags: css


Allows players to purchase weapons/items from a Buy Menu no matter what team your on. Based off 'mp_buytime' to determine how long the Buy Menu last. (Unless disable via config.cfg) Player must be in a Buy Zone to access it. (Unless disabled via config.cfg) Will automatically unsend the Buy Menu when timer is up if player keeps it open. Anti-Nade Buy Spamming. (Default Off via config.cfg) Default Buy Say Cmd: !buy Default Buy Client Console Cmd: buy_<weapon_name> Weapons/Items Prices based off default CSS pricing.


-Extract to 'cstrike' ROOT directory. -Modify 'addons/eventscripts/undead_buy/config.cfg' to your likings -Add following to your autoexec.cfg: [code] es_load undead_buy [/code] -Restart Map or Server and w00t the script!

Version Notes For 1.3

Updated on: 2009-06-02 22:50:28 EST by Undead (View Zip Contents)
-More Optimizations -Fixed NadeLimit Functionality Issues -Fixed Sorting of Items within Popups -Added RoundStart Message of Buy Cmd -Capitalized First Letter of Weapon Names -Revised some of the Tell Messages

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