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UltiZombie - Version 1.0

posted on 2010-01-08 22:46:31
by ultimatebuster

Requires: [list][*][url=]SPE (SourcePythonExtension)[/url] [/list]


This a is a new type of zombie mod. In this game mode, there are a team of Zombie bots and a team of humans. The zombie bot only have knifes, and they only need 2 regular knife swings to kill you (or 1 right click swing). You are giving guns, armor, cash, and other things when you spawn. You can either kill all the zombie bots (they have 1500 healths), or do the map objective in order to win. I would recommend you playing under these conditions: For every player, add 5 bots. Put friendly fire on Use some night map with descent nav file &#40;I would suggest using the cs_assault_night map with the cs_assault nav file&#41; Play as the aggressive team (CT on CS map, T on DE map) The mode listed above presents a challenge to the game, making it fun. Tip: Grenades' damage are scaled up so high, that 1 grenade can kill any bot in its way. (If it is enabled) Tip: Work with your team mates, distract the zombies, and get the bomb/hostages. [b]Server Variables and Commands[/b] To alter these variable's default setting when you load it up, go to <CSS Directory>/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/ultizombie and open up with a notepad. Find a section called Configuration, and follow the instructions there. [list] [*][i]uz_healthadd <#>[/i] - This determines the bonus health you get after killing a zombie. Default: 10 [*][i]uz_humanhealth <#>[/i] - This is the health human players starts out with. [*][i]uz_bothealth <#>[/i] - This is the health bot zombies starts out with. [*][i]uz_select[/i] <1/0> - If this is set to 1, a weapon selection menu would be shown at spawn, else the script will give the players weapon automatically. Default: 1 [*]!weapons/!weapon - input this in chat and it will bring up the weapon's menu if enabled [/list] Other customizations are found on the top of the file. Please feel free to modify them with the instructions given there. Remember to ignore the "weapon_" part If you have any feature request/bug report, please post on the forum! Also, if you can find a good zombie model that works well with CSS, please give me a message on the forum! Thanks.


Extract the zip and copy it into your cstrike folder. Load the script via es_load ultizombie via either the console of autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2010-09-23 11:50:36 EST by ultimatebuster (View Zip Contents)
Complete rewrite via OOP in Python. Rewrote for the Orange Box

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