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UltiRestrict - Version 0.1 Beta

posted on 2009-12-30 00:08:05
by ultimatebuster


Since I'm not satisfied with the other restricting mods out there, I made my own. [b]WARNING: UltiRestrict is still in beta. A lot of things are still untested. Use at your own risk![/b] This mod allow you to modify the list of weapon restricted on the fly. However, the defaults are the awp and the autosnipers. [size=18][b]Commands[/b][/size] [b]ur_add[/b] Usage: ur_add [i]weaponname[/i] Example: ur_add [i]awp[/i] Explain: This will add awp to the restricted list if it doesn't exist already. [b]ur_del[/b] Usage: ur_del [i]weaponname[/i] Example: ur_del [i]awp[/i] Explain: This will remove awp from the restricted list if it's on the list [b]ur_clear[/b] Usage: ur_clear Example: ur_clear Explain: This will clear the restricted list making it empty, allowing all weapons to be used. [size=18][b]Settings[/b][/size] You can change the default restricted weapon. All you need to do is go to /cstrike/addons/eventscripts/ultirestrict and open up with a text editor. On the top of the file you will see this block: [code] # Config # restricted = "awp;g3sg1;sg550" # Config Ends Here # [/code] You can add or remove restricted weapons from here. Remember that you have to use the [b];[/b] to separate the weapon names. No spacing whatsoever is allowed. You can add as many restricted weapon as you want from here. [size=18][b]Weapon Names[/b][/size] Check this page for detail: [url][/url] Remember to remove the [b]weapon_[/b] in front of the name. If you have any feature requests, or any bug report, please email me at: admin [at] thekks [dot] net with [b][UltiRestrict][/b] attached to the subject line. Thanks!


Copy everything into your cstrike directory. Add es_load ultirestrict into autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 0.1 Beta

Updated on: 2009-12-30 09:42:25 EST by ultimatebuster (View Zip Contents)
[b]Change Log[/b] - Corrected the URL. - Knives only is still unfinished. [b]Known Issues[/b] - Restricting stock pistols (glock for T, usp for CT) may or may not work. [b]Planned Feature for next version[/b] - Knive Only Mode - Limit number per weapon

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