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TimeTravel - Version 0.1

posted on 2011-07-05 20:02:46
by zoomj


TimeTravel allows players to move back and forward between locations they've already visited. The following properties are effected when cycling through saved locations: - Location - View angles - Velocity This addon is not intended for general use, it was made specifically for game types such as surf, bhop, climb, etc. The point is to allow the user to experience or test these maps to completion in a short amount of time without the standard frustation these maps can cause. There are several commands available to clients while this addon is loaded: [b]tt_start[/b] - Starts recording data for the client using the command [b]tt_stop[/b] - Stop recording data for the client using the command [b]tt_pause[/b] - Pause the recording of the client (and also their movements) [b]tt_rewind[/b] - Cycle backwards through clients pre-recorded data [b]tt_fastforward[/b] - Cycle forwards through clients pre-recorded data New data is recorded every 0.1 seconds, clients can have a maximum of 600 items of data before old items will be deleted (this works out to about one minute of movements the player can save at any time). I estimate the maximum size of data stored per client to be about 7-8 kb. See the included video for a better understanding of what this thing actually is.


Standard install - Unzip the contents of the archive from within the cstrike game directory

Version Notes For 0.1

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