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Thousand Grenades - Version 1.1.0

posted on 2009-03-05 09:22:38
by Buggzie


My first addon, I made this basicly for myself, My first Python Script Everytime someone spawns, They will get a number of grenades set inside the script 'tg_ammo' You can enable support for he,smoke,flash 'tg_he_enabled' 'tg_fb_enabled' 'tg_sg_enabled' Thanks for reading Please +woot if you like it.


1. Install Mattie's EventScripts 2.0 plugin: 2. Copy and upload this script to: <gamedir>/addons/eventscripts/thousand_grenades/ 3. Add the following line somewhere in autoexec.cfg: es_load thousand_grenades

Version Notes For 1.1.0

Updated on: 2009-03-28 11:28:01 EST by Buggzie (View Zip Contents)
1. Fixed adverts bug on not showing real value of ammo's 2. Fixed info.version 3. Should get approved by now :D

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