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Tea-bag Humiliation ScreenShot

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Tea-bag Humiliation - Version 4.0

posted on 2009-02-14 15:45:16
by bounty252


This script will do several thing when you Tea-bag someone after you kill them, (and yes you must be the one who killed the person in order for the script to announce your tea-bag) -First- If you dont know what a tea-bag is look [url=]Here![/url] -As the definition says you repeatedly crouch over dead opponent. -Features- When you tea-bag your dead enemy these things will happen *"Tea-Bag!" will be announced in the middle of the screen (much like "Headshot!" is in headshot scripts) *Also in chat it will display a color coded message telling who tea-bagged who. *And Finally as the teabag occurs a "Owned" sound will play -Customization- *There is really only one customization. *In Css the ragdolls will often end up in different places on my screen then they do on others screen. *It is noted in the script what value will change in order to make the diameter of the area that tea-bags can occur, HOWEVER, the current value has been been tested and it is EXTREMELY reccomended you do not change unless you are having specific problems. [size=32] [url=]Servers running this addon[/url] [/size]


*Extract the downloaded file *Drag the addons folder into your cstrike folder and allow to merge. *Add es_load tea-bag to your autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 4.0

Updated on: 2009-02-21 12:35:56 EST by bounty252 (View Zip Contents)
Fixed the error That was caused by suicide. *Thanks for help by Rideguy and Sicman_adrian

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