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TagMe Python  (with Multitag Menus) ScreenShot

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TagMe Python (with Multitag Menus) - Version 1.2.2

posted on 2008-05-21 19:12:03
by Warren


This script will tag up any player who types the command specified below to wear the tag specified in the config section.


Extract the zip file to your cstrike folder so that your addons folders line up Add [b]es_load tagme_python[/b] to your autoexec.cfg[/b] Restart your server. Adjust the Configs as you wish: [syntax="python"]# Configs: # General clan name to advertise that you can tag up with clan_name = 'CoolClan' # Enter your clan tags in the syntax below. 9 is the maximum number of tags # If you specify 1 tag below, no menu will popup, it will instantly tag them up with that tag tmtags = ['[CLAN1]','CLAN2','','--CLAN4--'] # Enter what you want the player to type in chat to apply tag tmcmd = '!tagme' # Enter where you want the tag to appear # 1 = front 0 = end tmside = 1[/syntax]

Version Notes For 1.2.2

Updated on: 2008-07-23 20:39:23 EST by Warren (View Zip Contents)
Fixed possible name spacing issue Changed the public variable setting method

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