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Scriptaz GunGame5.1 War/Scrim Manager - Version 2.1

posted on 2011-01-16 22:41:54
by MrScriptaz

Tags: admin css scrim war


Well this is a remake of my Scriptaz GunGame War Menu [url][/url] But this time its not in a menu, Due to the orangebox update it broke the addon, so i have now finished recoding Version 2.1. This ONLY! works with GunGame5.1. Features: ->This has custom made sounds for the live script. ->It Also has a custom made live script. ->Allows Admins Only To Live The War/Scrim. Commands: -> To load the Addon, Type in console"[i] rcon es_load SWM[/i] " if you haven't loaded it already. -> To Live This War/Scrim, Type In "CHAT" "[i]!live[/i]" Configuration: ->To Add Your Self As A SWM Admin Please Follow The Steps Below! 1. Locate The Following - [i]Cstrike/Addons/EventScripts/SWM/es_SWM.txt[/i] 2. Open It With (EG..) Notepad. 3. Locate The Line - [code]es_xset swm_admins "STEAM_0:1:25348639 STEAM_0:0:00000000 " # Put the steam id's in this line, and separate them with a space...[/code] 4. Replace Your Steam ID(s) with the following Provided. 5. Save It, Re-Upload It To Your Server And Type [i]rcon es_reload SWM[/i] in console Please DON'T Remove or Edit The Coding! Only Edit The Admins!


Extract the zip contents into your ftp or cstrike directory. add [i]es_load[/i] into your [i]autoexec.cfg[/i] or [i]server.cfg[/i] then change the map or restart your server

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