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General Information Server - PT - Version V 1.0

posted on 2010-05-15 00:38:15
by ChaveZ

Tags: chat css


Addon to give server owners information to players like Rules , admins, team speak if clan use , banlist and addon creator! @ This file need to be eddited cause its not already ready to put in server.... @ If you want an other addon with other things like clan members, Servers ... Email me at: I will make an other addon, give me sujestions.. This was just for present me!! Thank you people ************************************************************ My next addon gona have Clock time, clan members , admins , Ban list, Ventrilo , Team Speak 3 and 2 ,Maybe ( Restricted weapons in server ) and contact clan members... ************************************************************ The file works writing !home in chat


1 - Step Eddit you file like you want 2 - Step - You need to put es_load popup and es_load rules in autoexec.cfg 3 - Step - Go on file manager - cstrike - addons - evenscripts - make a folder with the name "rules" and put the file inside... 4 - Step - Do restart at your server...

Version Notes For V 1.0

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This version need to be eddited

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