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Superhero - Mordavolt heropack - Version 1.1

posted on 2010-08-03 15:32:32
by Mordavolt

Requires: [url=]Superhero Source[/url]

Tags: css Superhero


Robin Description: On spawn he gets all grenades, nightvision and defusal kit. Iron Man Description: Has 150 armor. When power key is pressed thrusts in air. Drains 2 armor every second. While not flying armor regenerates. Attention! Armor will be shown wrong, because of the format used to store armor points. Poison Ivy Description: On weapon attack has 20% chance to poison enemy for 20 to 40 HP, when attacking with knife the chance is 100%. Magneto Description: When he is attacked by an enemy, he has 25% chance to steal enemy primary weapon. Mystique Description: Shifts skin to a random opposite team skin. Has a cool down of 3 seconds. Jubilee Description: On +power screen becomes pink and you are protected from flashes for 10 seconds General Description: Passively gives additional attack power to all teammates. Goku Description: Regenerate AP or KI, every 75 KI starting from 150 you get a new super sayan level, with each level on +power you'll get bigger speed boost and gravity for 10 seconds also on +power your KI will drop to 0. Blade Description: If enemy doesn't have Dracula you have 20% chance to burn him on attack, if he does the chance is 60%. Morph Description: On +power shapeshift in to one of 4 randomly chosen props. Agent Zero Description: Has norecoil


Just extract it into the superhero/heroes/ folder and add Those hero names you want to use to the herolist. To add all heroes add "Robin,Iron Man,Poison Ivy,Jubilee,Magneto,Mystique,General,Goku,Blade,Morph,Agent Zero"

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2010-08-06 15:21:29 EST by Mordavolt
Added Agent Zero

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