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Superhero Source - Version 0.3.1

posted on 2010-08-08 12:16:55
by Icetouch

Requires: Extendedevents


What is Superhero Source? Superhero Source is a modification for the popular Game Counter Strike Source and is made after the successfull Superhero Mod from Counter Strike 1.6. The point is to Kill other Players and gain Experience from that. When you reach a certain amount of Experience you get a Level Up. Each Level Up allows you to Pick one additional Hero to your Arsenal. So what are those Heroes for you may ask? Each Hero possesses a unique Power, enabling you to do unbelievable stuff, which may seem to be cheats or hacks first, but they are not! But remember: You are not alone with those Powers! Current Status of Development: - Release of v0.3 - 19 working Heroes: * Agent Zero * Blade * Dazzler * Dracula * Flash * General * Goku * HobGoblin * Invisible Man * Iron Man * Jubilee * Morph * Mystique * Nightcrawler * Poison Ivy * Punisher * Robin * Superman * Wolverine Optional Heroes to activate (Warning: Can Crash on Linux): * Batman * Magneto * Zeus Thanks to Mordavolt for his help on some of this Heroes! - User saving in a *.sqldb - Coded in Eventscripts:Python Requirements: - Eventscripts - ExtendedEvents (All required Events are loaded within Superhero Source)


Install Instructions: 1. Download the latest Superhero Source from one of the Links at the End of the Post 2. Copy and Paste the addons folder into your cstrike directory 3. Edit superhero.cfg, located in addons/superhero/ to your Likings 4. Download extendedevents 4. Put es_load superhero in your autoexec.cfg in order for Superhero Source to work 5. Start your Server and you are good to go! How to reload a Hero? To reload one Hero via the Console, type es_reload superhero/Heroes/*heroname* in your Server Console How to add a Hero? Modify the herolist in your superhero.cfg, create a folder named after your Hero in superhero/Heroes/, create a strings.ini and put your file in there also. How to reset all Players? Delete the es_userdata.sqldb in your addons/eventscripts/superhero/Userdata folder How to add myself as Admin? Modify adminlist.txt in superhero/admins/ and add your Steamid in there.

Version Notes For 0.3.1

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