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Super Dice by MiB - Version 0.0.4 RV3

posted on 2010-09-12 23:55:42
by .:MiB:.

Requires: [list] [*][url=]Source Python Extensions[/url] [*][url=]Autokick Disabler[/url] [/list]

Description Search Tags: rtd, rollthedice, dice, roll, the, super, dice


Version Notes For 0.0.4 RV3

Updated on: 2011-04-06 18:21:39 EST by .:MiB:. (View Zip Contents)
[list] [*]superdice/ [list] [*] Added these callable methods: getGameTime, registerAbility, and unregisterAbility. [list] [*] getGameTime allows you to receive the game time of the server. [*] registerAbility(<plus callback>, <minus callback>) allows you register callbacks for when a player presses and lets go of their key binded to +ability, unregisterAbility(<plus callback>, <minus callback>) allows you to unregister the callbacks. [*] Changed the script to use rollstrings.ini for roll names and descriptions, in affect, the player_roll_success event's roll event variable is now the roll's key instead of name. [/list] [/list] [*]superdice/addons/ [list] [*] Changed MostRolled to have a config file for its commands. [*] MostRolled commands are now register silent commands. [*] Added the AutoRoll addon. [list] [*] This addon allows players to automatically roll on spawn. [/list] [/list] [*]superdice/rolls/ [list] [*] Removed these rolls: bunnyhop [*] Added these rolls: aimnade, jetpack, plant, poison, respawn, skullnade, slay, strip, wcslevel, and vampire. [*] Changed these rolls: infammo, tank, and antifall [list] [*] Each one requires SPE now for prehooking. [*] infammo now sets the player's weapon ammo to the weapon's max ammo. [/list] [/list] [/list]

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