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SAC: Super Admin CheeTaH - French Version ScreenShot

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SAC: Super Admin CheeTaH - French Version - Version SAC 2.0 FR

posted on 2010-11-17 06:37:01
Led by Miss
Collaborators: TheCheeTaH


[url=]Original Script[/url] Script by: [url=]TheCheeTaH[/url] Translate by: [url=]Linux[/url] TheCheeTaH : "Since a lot of my friends had problems with Super Admin since the Orange Box update, I chose to update it into ESP. It is kinda a remake of Super Admin, but has a few more functions!" Linux : "I'll want that this script should be in the FULL French Version so i'll translate all .py in French. Cordialy"


English Version Download here: [url][/url] --- Version Française Extraire dans cstrike\ Edité le fichier cstrike\cfg\eventscripts\super_admin_cheetah_fr\config.cfg pour vos commandes Edité le fichier cstrike\addons\eventscripts\super_admin_cheetah_fr\admins.txt pour choisir les super admins du serveur Ecrire "es_xload super_admin_cheetah_fr" dans votre cstrike\cfg\autoexec.cfg Reboot votre serveur La commande par défaut pour ouvrir le menu super_admin est /sac, il peut être cependant changé dans votre CFG. [code]es_xload super_admin_cheetah_fr[/code]

Version Notes For SAC 2.0 FR

Updated on: 2011-05-29 18:18:43 EST by Miss (View Zip Contents)
* Léger correctif Changelog SAC 2.0 FR *2.0 FR (Linux) **Script translate on full French Version. **Encodage des fichiers txt en UTF-8 (sans bom) [pourquoi pas avant? => cheetah encode en ANSI donc oubli ^^'] **Correction de traductions (principalement au niveau des accents) ***Pensez à télécharger Notepad++ afin de mieu éditer vos fichiers ( => ) *2.0 **Added a new Fun Command (Main Mani -> Fun Commands) ***Skins. Allows admins with access to fun stuff, to set the model of a player. The model list can be found in ../cfg/eventscripts/super_admin_cheetah/skinslist.txt **I think that was it. But not sure. Might have done a few minor tweaks some weeks ago. But I forgot to write down exactly what I changed! ^^

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