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Suicide Barrels - Version 0.1

posted on 2007-09-16 14:43:29
by Lobe



[size=18][b]Suicide Barrels![/b][/size] [b]Version 0.1 - Revision B[/b] [img][/img] One of the most fun game's from Gmod10 brought into CSS! [b]About[/b] In Suicide Barrels there are 2 teams, Barrels and Humans. The object of the game for the humans is to kill the barrels, the object of the barrels is to suicide bomb the humans. The environment is filled with fake explosive barrels, so the player barrels can blend in and the humans never know which barrel is a player and which are props. The original Gmod10 and 9 version was created by heyo. Full credits to him for the idea. The script itself is small, and includes a map manager script to make sure the right map is being played. This is not needed for the game to function. [b]Why?[/b] Why? Because i could! The original Gmod10 and Gmod9 game-mode was hilarious! It was so fun to play! Admittedly, Event scripts does not offer the same functionality that Lua does, so the game mode is not 100% the same. The core details are the same, but some cosmetic aspects are not. This script is still fun to play, and the more people the more fun! [b]To install[/b] Simply extract the folders included in the download to your cstrike directory. Now, type es_load sb in your server console and change the map to one included in the download. To run the map manager, type es_load sb_map in your server console. [b]Coming soon:[/b] -Settings -Preached models [b]Warning:[/b] This script should only be used on maps prefixed with an sb. This indicates that they were created for the script, and work 100%. Other maps, such as de_dust2, have impaired functionality. In later releases, i will code support for de_ maps, and CS maps. Also, bots can see through your cunning discuse, so will shoot you as if you were a normal player. [b]Maps[/b] [u]Maps included in this release:[/u] All maps were decompiled and edited to work with CSS, with full permission from their creators -sb_killingrooms2 -sb_aztek -sb_maze -sb_pyramid [b]Images[/b] [u]Gmod 10 images[/u] [img][/img] [u]CSS images[/u] Coming soon! [b]Video's[/b] [u]Gmod 10 video's[/u] [u]CSS video's[/u] Coming soon!

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Version 0.1 -Public Release

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